Engine page

The engine is reputed to be a fully reconditioned Ford 289 cu in engine removed from an AC Cobra. It is of 1968 vintage and looks the part. I can't wait to hear run! The sump had been modified to prevent knocking 'sleeping policemen's' helmets off when the car finally gets to cruise. Sump capacity has been maintained with the side lobes and anti surge baffles and a shallow pick-up tube had already been fitted.The crank shaft and modified Ford Transit flywheel have been balanced together to ensure smooth running.

After getting an adaptor made for the gearbox input shaft to crankshaft centre the engine was coupled up to the Renault transaxle. The clutch plate and release mechanism were left out at this time as I was eager to examine the engine mounting arrangements and the overall fit in the chassis. At this stage no decisions had been made about the rear suspension and the complete assembly was offered up to the chassis.

A section of the rear cross member was cut out to position the engine level but it was then that I decided that I didn't like the rear suspension design and planned the changes shown in the Chassis Section.

The engine was then offered up to the revised chassis layout with the transaxle drive shafts aligned.

The original resilient mounts of the transaxle were retained and a supporting framework was fabricated. This framework also supports the rear body section hinges. It can also be seen that the top cross member, at the front of the engine bay, has been modified to give additional clearance to the distributor.



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