Drawing page

This shows a plan view of the chassis as received. The trailing arms were either VW or similar with four stud wheels and drum brakes. I understand that this is an early KVA design and is not considered to be a good design due to excess flexibility in operation.

This shows a side view of the chassis as received. The upright support for the spring and shock absorbers was fabricated from 3" by 1.5" tube with a 'U' shaped at the top to connect the spring and shock absorber.

This is a plan view of the chassis after the alterations using the inverse 'A' wishbone and upper strut and two trailing arms all as per the KVA 'C' type chassis.

Side view of the chassis showing the fabricated upright and trailing arms.

Rear suspension showing the reverse 'A' wishbones and top radius arm.

Details of the fabricated uprights and reverse 'A' wishbone.



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